Meditation Plus: music, timer, relax

This application is for self-meditation.


💬 Step-by-step instructions on meditation techniques.

📌 Collected the most necessary to enter the highest state:

⦁ point on the screen
⦁ burning candle
⦁ sacred symbols
⦁ mandalas and yantras
⦁ illusions
⦁ images
⦁ breath control
⦁ meditative drawing

🎹 Specially selected music and sounds:

⦁ singing bowls
⦁ nature sounds
⦁ water and fire
⦁ flute, gong, bells
⦁ buddhist prayer drum
⦁ mantras: Om, Maha mantra, Om Namah Shiavya
⦁ and 26 more tunes

🔔 Reminder - repeating signal, helps to concentrate.

🏆 Achievements - motivate to continue to meditate.

💡 A simple and impressive system of settings will allow you to fine tune meditation for you.

The convenience of the application is suitable for beginners starting to learn meditation and for experienced practitioners.

You can choose an object for concentration image or take the word written in large letters. So is the meditation of forgiveness, gratitude, awareness.

🍏 What brings the practice of meditation?

⦁ the pleasure of being thoughtless
⦁ deep relaxation and rest
⦁ memory, attention, ability to concentrate will improve
⦁ reduced anxiety
⦁ improve the quality of sleep
⦁ increase resistance to stress
⦁ self-awareness
⦁ you’ll become calmer and more confident

🎯 What is the purpose of meditation?

The goal of meditation is the purification of the mind from restless and obsessive thoughts.
There are two ways to meditate: meditation on the void and meditation through concentration. As an object of attention take a point on the wall, the fire of a candle or a painted image. It is important that attention is not distracted. When you feel fully focused, your thoughts will melt and you will enter a state of meditation.

The problem of beginners is that attention is difficult to keep at one point. You have to constantly remind yourself “do not get distracted!” And the state of meditation is lost.

This application allows you to set a sound reminder, so as not to be distracted. When you hear it, you will return to the point of concentration and the state of meditation will not be interrupted.

In the practice of meditation by concentration it is not necessary to sit in a particular position or in a particular place. This may be lying, standing, in bed or in transport. You can set the duration of the meditation yourself. Even 5, 10 minute meditation will increase awareness and give strength. Morning, daytime, evening (before bedtime) or even night meditation - the choice is yours!

There is no need to take meditation lessons - become a guru for yourself, and the application will be like a good helper.

The application is suitable for practitioners: Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Kriya, Tantra, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana, Raja, Japa, Dhyana, Sahaja, Samadhi, Chakra Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Qigong, Affirmation, Zen, Zen, Zen. loving kindness (metta), meditation on the opening of the third eye, trataka, nada, visualization, presence meditation, sarguna, nirguna, fitness meditation.

💎 Start meditating and you will see how your consciousness changes for the better!

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